Cosin Solar Finalizes Heliostats Installation on Jinta ZhongGuang CSP Project

Updated:2024-02-16 10:25Source: SolarPACES

Cosin Solar has successfully completed the installation of 25,594 heliostats at the Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “CSP + PV” hybrid pilot project, a 100MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) venture initially planned by Three Gorges Renewables. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the project, which features a combined capacity of 700MW, including 600MW of photovoltaic (PV) power. The project, now under the aegis of Cosin Solar, is notable for its 100MW CSP component that uses innovative solar thermal tower technology developed by Cosin Solar. Despite environmental challenges, the Cosin Solar team exhibited remarkable efficiency and quality in completing this phase, laying a robust foundation for the project’s future operations.

The 100MW CSP segment of the project, capable of an 8-hour Molten Salt Energy Storage System (MSES), is expected to generate an annual output of 1580GWh, saving 480,000 tons of standard coal and cutting 1,310,000 tons of CO₂ emissions annually post-operation.

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