The lifting of steel structure of the main plant of the world’s highest altitude concentrated solar power plant project.

Updated:2023-10-07 16:56Source:SEPCOIII

On the afternoon of September 21, with the lifting of the last trusses of steel roof, it marked the completion of the lifting of the steel structure of the main plant of Tibet Zabuye Integrated Energy EPC Project.

In order to ensure the completion of the steel structure lifting task of the main plant on schedule, the project execution team set up the steel structure lifting youth commandos to give full play to the role of youth pioneers. In the lifting process, the young staff overcome difficulties, advance planning, sincere unity, scientific and orderly promotion of the main plant steel structure lifting work. The hoisting of the steel structure of the main plant was completed, which created favorable conditions for the subsequent installation of the main plant.

Tibet Zabuye Integrated Energy EPC project is located in the southeast side of Zabuye Salt Lake, about 165 kilometers from the straight-line distance to the north of Zhongba County, Xigaze City. The site is more than 4500 meters above sea level. It is the world’s highest altitude solar thermal power station project, and the world’s first clean energy isolated network operation with trough concentrated solar power plant as the main power supply in high altitude and power grid end area. The pilot «Mount Everest» project will provide 24 hours a day of safe, stable and reliable comprehensive energy supply.

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