Aksai Huidong New energy Concentrated Solar Power + photovoltaic pilot project to promote the construction

Updated:2023-05-05 08:58Source:CSTA

It is reported that each project department of China Energy Construction China Electric Engineering East China Institute sticks to the front line to ensure the orderly progress of project construction during the May Day.

Among them, Akcel Huidong new energy solar thermal + photovoltaic pilot project is going all out to promote the project construction progress.

At present, the foundation of the heat absorption tower and the foundation of the main plant have been backfilled; The foundation of cold pump has been poured and backfilled, and the foundation of molten salt cold tank is ready for construction; The construction of the original pool body has been completed and the diversion wall is being built.

Aksai «solar thermal +» demonstration project is located in Aksai forty kilometers Gobi ten million kilowatt level solar power base, with a total installed capacity of 750MW, including 110MW of solar thermal part and 640MW of photovoltaic part.

The project is scheduled to be completed and connected to the grid by the end of 2023, which will greatly improve the regional economic and social development environment and improve the quality of life of Kazakh people.

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