Heat pump solution from Aalborg CSP will boost the efficiency of solar heating plant and biomass boiler

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Danish renewable energy specialist Aalborg CSP has secured yet another order for an integrated heat pump system for the production of district heating. The order is awarded by the Danish utility company Envafors and is a turnkey contract consisting of a 10.2 MW air-to-water heat pump with associated pipes and exchangers. The contract, likewise, includes integration with the district heating plant’s existing solar heating system and biomass boiler. With the establishment of the new heat pump, Envafors will be able to further optimize their green district heating supply and ensure sufficient heat capacity to provide both current and future district heating customers with green district heating.

The recent years’ increase in fossil fuel prices has contributed to an acceleration of the green transition across various industries and sectors. The Danish district heating industry is no exception. A significant portion of Danish district heating plants and utility companies, including Envafors, has already initiated the green transition by integrating either solar thermal energy, biomass, or heat pumps. A growing number of plants are now taking the next step, integrating, and combining multiple technologies to enhance both energy independence and security of supply.

District heating produced by renewable sources.

The 10.2 MW heat pump, which will be integrated with the district heating plant’s existing solar heating system and biomass boiler, constitutes the third renewable energy technology that Envafors is adding to their heat supply.

The district heating plant is experiencing an increased demand following an expansion of the district heating network. The new heat pump will thus contribute to ensuring sufficient heating capacity to supply both current and future district heating customers.

Value-adding synergies between heat pump, solar, and biomass.

The heat pump system, which is tailored to fit the district heating plant’s specific energy needs and existing system, uses outdoor air as the source for heat production. Moreover, the system will boost the efficiency of the district heating plant’s existing solar heating system and biomass boiler.

The heat pump enables a more efficient utilization of the solar heat. During months with less sunlight, the heat pump optimizes the return temperature within the solar heating system. This involves sending colder water to the solar panels, thereby allowing them to absorb more heat from the sun. This process increases the overall efficiency of the system. Likewise, the energy from the solar system improves the efficiency of the heat pump during those periods, where it has the greatest value for the overall efficiency.

By integrating and combining multiple green technologies in their district heating supply, Envafors can adapt the operation of their facilities according to the existing conditions, such as weather and electricity prices. This approach leads to a more efficient and flexible heat supply. By integrating a heat pump into their heat supply, Envafors can, likewise, utilize the energy from PV panels and wind turbines for their district heating production during times when the electricity market price is low.

Carsten Lunde, Head of Energy at Envafors, states, «We look forward to another strong collaboration with skilled and capable suppliers for the continued transformation of our heat supply from green energy based on biomass to more renewable energy sources. The synergy between solar, biomass, and heat pumps will work in harmony focusing on both efficiency and the best possible utilization of the available energy sources.»

Aalborg CSP and Envafors continues the great collaboration.

The new heat pump system is not the first project for which Aalborg CSP and Envafors have joined forces. In 2019, Aalborg CSP delivered a 11,733 m2 solar heating system to Envafors. The solar heating system had a capacity of 8 MW. The purpose of the solar system was to utilize solar heat to reduce the district heating plant’s natural gas dependency and to stabilize the energy prices. The solar system was, likewise, integrated with the existing biomass boiler to achieve a more flexible heat production.

"We are proud to have been chosen to supply the new heat pump for Envafors. From the beginning, we have found the project’s integration and synergy with the existing system to be very exciting and cost-effective for district heating. Moreover, we are particularly proud that our valued customers are returning, and we look forward to a successful project collaboration with the installation of the heat pump near one of our previous project sites,"says Svante Bundgaard, CEO at Aalborg CSP.

Aalborg CSP A/S is a leading developer and supplier of innovative, renewable technologies with the vision Changing Energy aiming at changing the way energy is produced and stored today. We design and supply green solutions and integrated energy systems based on solar power, energy storage within power-to-X (PTXHEAT and PTXSALT), heat exchange and much more for industries and power plants worldwide.

Since 1988, Aalborg CSP has utilized its immense expertise within design and delivery of boilers, complex systems, renewable energy technologies and energy storage. Thereby, we have a deep understanding of individual energy needs, technology- and system integration as well as optimization with key competences such as performance modelling and system design.

Aalborg CSP A/S places strong focus on R&D activities and works both internally within the company and externally with Danish and international knowledge-based companies and institutions in continuously creating innovative and sustainable technologies.

Aalborg CSP offers a wide variety of renewable energy solutions including high- and low temperature energy storage, solar panels, heat pumps, boilers, integrated energy systems as well as customized Power-to-X solutions. We match individual energy needs with the right systems and technologies and integrates and combines solutions to achieve synergies between both sectors and technologies. We do so in order to create optimum value for our clients, while also optimizing the utilization of the world’s energy sources aiming for a CO₂ neutral future.

Headquartered in Aalborg (Denmark) and with a sales & service office in Spain, Aalborg CSP A/S has realized cost-effective green energy solutions worldwide.

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