SEPCO3 and BAOWU signed the EPC contract of Tibet Zabuye Integrated Energy Supply Project

Updated:2023-03-22 11:52Source:SEPCO3

SEPCO3 and Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. signed an EPC contract for the Tibet Zabuyeyuan Integrated Energy Supply Project in Shanghai. Qian Feng, Chairman of Baowu Qingneng Company; Wang Li, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of SEPCO 3, and Liu Jiang, General Manager of CSNP attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing.

At the signing ceremony, Qian Feng first delivered a speech, affirming the work in the early stage of the project. He said that through the efforts of all parties, the project entered the full start-up stage and successfully completed the goal of the first stage. He hoped that all parties could strengthen confidence and cooperate closely, push forward the implementation of the project quickly and complete the set goals of the project construction on time.

Wang Li made a speech to express his gratitude for the recognition and trust of BAOWU, and hoped to further deepen the cooperation between the two parties through this project. He said that the company will give full play to the operation experience and ability of EPC project, and make joint efforts with other partners to climb «Everest» in the high altitude area of Xizang, where the environment is harsh and the challenges are huge, and go all out to build a benchmarking project.

The company’s project executive team, functional departments of the headquarters, the project team of BAOWU and relevant personnel of CSNP attended the signing ceremony.

Tibet Zabuye Integrated Energy Supply Project is located in the southeast of Zabuye Salt Lake, 165 kilometers away from Zhongba County, Shigatse City. The site is more than 4,500 meters above sea level. It is the first project in the world to realize isolated clean energy network operation at high altitude and at the end of the power grid with trough photovoltaic power station as the main power source. Provide 24 hours of safe, stable and reliable comprehensive energy supply «Everest» project. The project consists of power supply (photothermal + photovoltaic), load (electricity, steam), energy storage (heat storage + electrochemical energy storage), power transformation and distribution and control systems, which constitute a thermoelectric integrated isolated energy network system, including 40 megawatt trough type photovoltaic power station, 35 megawatt photovoltaic power station, 20 megawatt to 40 megawatt hour of electric energy storage, which can save the consumption of non-renewable energy and play a leading role in the industry. It conforms to the national new energy development direction and sustainable development policy of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and provides energy support for the development of lithium resources in salt lake, drives the economic development of Tibet, and has good energy saving and environmental protection effect and social benefits.

This project is the first large-scale EPC project that the company enters the energy construction market in Tibet and executes in the plateau, high cold and high altitude environment. It is also the first trough photovoltaic thermal power station project that the company has contracted in China. It is of great significance for the company to effectively explore project execution in plateau areas, accumulate engineering construction experience in high-altitude areas, and verify the technology of plateau trough type photovoltaic thermal power station. At present, the project execution team of the company has been stationed at the site, and the preliminary work such as project design, project planning and site start-up is being carried out orderly.

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