Qinghai Province will newly add 1GW CSP plants by 2025

Updated:2022-03-16 14:24Source:CSTA

Recently, the Qinghai Provincial People's Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" (to 2025) for Energy Development of Qinghai Province.

In terms of concentrated solar power (CSP), the "plan" specifies that by 2025, Qinghai's CSP installed capacity will increase from 210MW in 2020 to 1.21 GW in 2025, with an average annual growth of 41.94%.

Among them, the Haixi region plans to add 900MW of CSP, and the cumulative installation will increase to 1.06 GW. And the Hainan region plans to add 100MW of CSP, and the cumulative number will increase to 150MW.

In terms of promoting clean energy technology innovation, it will break through the key technology of CSP with the long-term storage and the rapid cost reduction.

About the clean heating, the "plan"stated that it will carry out the pilot project of passive solar heating in farming and pastoral areas according to local conditions, build the distributed solar heating system, promote the low-temperature air source heat pump heating, and encourage the development of geothermal and dry-hot rock heating in those areas where is rich in geothermal resources.

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