Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's"14th Five-Year Plan" strives to add 500MW of CSP projects

Updated:2022-03-09 11:31Source:CSTA

On March 3, the Energy Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officially issued “the 14th Five-Year Plan” for Renewable Energy Development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which mentioned concentrating solar power (CSP) in many places.

The notice points out that during the"14th Five-Year Plan", Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will vigorously improve the storage and consumption capacity of renewable energy,accelerate the construction of storage and peak-shaving facilities such as pumped storage, CSP, and new energy storage, effectively improve the comprehensive adjustment capacity of the power system, strengthen the local consumption of renewable energy power generation in provincial power grids, and orderly promote the electricity external transmission and consumption.

The file states that the local government will promote the development of CSP according to local conditions,by summarizing the construction and O&M experience of the first batch of CSP demonstration projects approved by the National Energy Administration, give full play to the energy storage adjustment capacity and grid support capacity of CSP, and build CSP projects according to local conditions. It will give full play to the multiple functions of CSP in the power system, such as peak-shaving regulation, frequency regulation, and energy storage, coordinate the promotion of the integrated construction and operation of CSP with wind and photovoltaic power generation bases, and provide support for a high proportion of new energy for self-use and delivery. The total of 500MWCSP projects will be connected to the grid by the end of “14thFive-Year Plan” period.

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