China's largest molten salt solar thermal power station in Gobi Desert


With 12,000 mirrors, China's largest molten salt solar thermal power station in the Gobi Desert can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 350,000 tonnes, equivalent to afforesting some 666.67 hectares of land

Rainbow Llama:

China fighting the world nature disaster crisis but US fighting for slowing down China's development.

Mike 72
The U.S will fail

William Wong Kim Ping
@Accurate Gamer China will rise faster you can't imagine.


Intelligently using nature’s power to benefit the common people naturally, this huge work of art is approved by the Divine.

Tom Sawyer

Say whatever lies you want about china, they just do their own thing, while the west are stuck in their own delusion!

Michael C
Very innovative. Asian innovation. Luv it.

Narendra Mop-pee
Wawwww awesome

Scarlet Igniz

China trying to save the world by immense projects like this

and usa just caring about stealing oil from other countries and invading as well


A_Viewer V

Great, thank you for all the efforts in environment protection, in green energy generations

Saint FluffySnow

Amazing Zhong-Guo Renewable Clean Green Energy Generation Power Plants!

All excess power during low demand can be stored in high capacitance facilities or high efficiency batteries!

jlpcr azerty
Western media will say this is a weapon of mass destruction

nm sl

Knowing china, if this proves to be successful, it will build thousands and thousands of them

Kaldore Greymane

What an amazing scientific marvel!

Ningthem Ningthouja
I have never seen such technology

Please explain the science, i am very curious.

Kamwai Chan
Excellent project for mankind

jorge fernandez
Very Nice!

Telolet Tolelot
Omg so big

Lívia Martins
Congrats China

Yoke Sim Tan
God bless CHINA

Rizon Z
Wow the scale!

kee kwok

Turning waste into energy is truly a pioneer in environmental protection, and China can do it.

Can America do that?

Rizon Z
Yeah in nevada

I am Legend

Meanwhile the Supermacy were trying to boycott the 2022 winter Olympic games

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