The largest parabolic trough power plant in China has installed the first collectors

China Shipbuilding New Power Co., Ltd (shorted as CSNP) is the EPC contractor of the largest Parabolic Trough Power Plant in China, with the support of Royal Tech CSP as the solar field technology integrator. “At present, the project is overcoming extreme weather conditions in winter such as high wind and low temperatures (minus 15 °C or even 25 °C), and the EPC party is fully committed to promoting its construction. It’s expected to be completed by the end of this year.” Mrs. Fengli Du, Secretary General of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance said.
Photo credit: schlaich bergermann partner
The plant is situated in Urat, Inner Mongolia, northern China, with a capacity of 100MW. schlaich bergermann partner (SBP) provided the collector technology, EuroTrough collector, and adapted it to the specific site conditions. Covering a 2.6 km long and 1.9 km wide area, the collector field consists of 352 loops, which equals the almost 17.000 solar collector elements (SCEs). “It will be the largest ever-built EuroTrough collector field.” sbp sonne expressed.
sbp sonne announced right before the start of the Chinese New Year, the first collectors were successfully installed on site. The assembly and installation of the almost 17.000 collectors is expected to last at least until the end of summer. 
Photo credit: schlaich bergermann partner

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