Two solar tower plants of Shouhang goes well

As Mr. Huang Wenbo, Vice Chairman of Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd (shorted as Shouhang) stated during the China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2018 which was held in Changzhou city from Sept. 12-14 , "Shouhang Dunhuang 1st phase of 10MW molten salt CSP tower plant has been operating with quite good performance for almost two years since the offical start on December 26, 2016. "
photo: Shouhang 10MW solar tower plant (credit: Shouhang)
"Looking back at the data in the whole July this year, its generation reached 2021280 kWh, the steam turbine was started 11 times, and a record continuous 133 hours' power generation was sucessfully made in July, 2018."
During the 31 days in July, 2018, the hot salt had been heated for a total of 151 hours and the cold salt 44 hours:
7 cloudy days, the heating system worked some times when sunny;
5 days without any sunshine, no molten salt in the tower worked;
19 sunny days, all the molten salt was transported onto the tower for heat-collecting.
As reported earlier, the 1st phase of 10MW project broke ground in August 2014 and became officially operational on December 26, 2016. With 15 hours' thermal energy storage system and 138 meters solar tower. The annual power generation of the power station last year in 2017 reached 10.67 million kWh. 
photo: Shouhang 100MW solar tower plant under construction (credit: Shouhang)
Mr. Huang also talked on the progress of the 2nd phase of Shouhang Dunhuang 100 MW molten salt Solar Tower CSP Plant, which is among China 1st batch of CSP pilot projects. As the onsite pictures show, the construction work of the 100MW project is close to the end, the solar field is soon to be completely installed, both HTF&TES system and power island are almost done. All the molten salt is ready on site and the melting work is expected to start very soon. "All is going quite well with the 100MW tower CSP plant, and as promised, the project will be connected to the grid by the end of 2018, and expected to be the second CSP demo plant to be completed in China after the first CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant."

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