Dynamic Simulation of a Novel Solar Polygeneration System for Heat, Power and Fresh Water Production based on Solar Ther

Updated:2020-04-09 14:55Source:Journal of Thermal Science
A novel solar polygeneration system for heat, power and fresh water production with absorption heat pump (AHP) and humidification-dehumidification (HDH) desalination system was proposed for high-efficiency utilization of solar energy.
A case study of the proposed system was investigated based on 1 MW solar thermal power (STP) tower plant located in Beijing. Depending on mathematical modeling of the proposed system, corresponding modules were developed in TRNSYS. Meanwhile, control and operation strategies were fully studied with principal of solar energy cascade utilization. The thermodynamic performance of the proposed system was dynamically simulated at one minute intervals in a typical day.
It was found that solar energy utilization level was improved with the help of solar thermal storage system and continuous heating in different operation modes met well with flexible heating loads from 93.76 kW to 169.49 kW.During AHP operation period, its Coefficient of Performance (COP) varied from 1.39 to 1.73 due to recoverable condensate heat restricted by heating demand. Meanwhile, fresh water production of HDH increased from 352.05 kg/h to 416.62 kg/h with Gained Output Ratio (GOR) increase from 2.48 to 2.67.Compared with original STP tower plant, maximum power generation efficiency was increased from 18.66% to 19.22% with power from 1169.69 kW to 1204.44 kW.
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LI Xing, WANG Zhifeng, YANG Ming, YUAN Guofeng

Corresponding author: WANG Zhifeng

E-mail: zhifeng@vip.sina.com

Journal of Thermal Science,2020,29(2):378-392.


Keywords: polygeneration, solar thermal power, dynamic simulation, absorption heat pump, humidification-dehumidification

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