Rioglass Solar Signs Contracts for World’s Largest CSP Plant

Updated:2019-03-15 18:49Source:Rioglass Solar
Rioglass Solar Signs Dubai 600 MWe CSP Project Order for Both Parabolic Trough ReceiverTubes and Mirrors with Abengoa Energía and Shanghai Electric
Brussels, 15th of March 2019
The record-breaking Dubai 700 MW CSP + 250 MW PV Hybrid Project Noor Energy 1, developedby Acwa Power in close cooperation with DEWA, Shanghai Electric Group Corporation as EPC,
and Abengoa Energía as solar field technology provider, will utilize the Rioglass Solar temperedmirror and solar receiver technologies.
Rioglass Solar has received the confidence of the project partners and the largest order in itshistory in terms of megawatt power as well as in volume of products. Rioglass Solar will deliver
its high-performing PTR 90-4G receiver tubes and 8.2 Parabolic Trough mirrors based on itsimpressive track record and its high-quality proven product development and manufacturing capabilities.It will supply these products of all three parabolic trough CSP units, each providing200 MWe totaling 600 MWe, for the largest Parabolic Trough CSP project in the world. When
completed, the solar complex will provide clean energy to more than 320.000 homes in Dubai,while reducing carbon emissions by 1,6 million ton per year.
Leading Technology in Receivers and Mirrors
Rioglass Solar´s innovative tempered Parabolic Trough mirror technology was first introduced in2008 and has since then convinced customers around the world for its high performance both
optically as in handling and O&M perspective. More than 3,5 GWe of these mirrors areoperational worldwide and have been adapted to many different trough designs.
From the technologies it acquired from Siemens and Schott, Rioglass has forged a newgeneration of superior quality and reliability solar absorbers. This project will reemphasizeRioglass Solar´s position in the market with this high added-value product excelling in opticalefficiency, durability, bankability and low O&M cost.
The entire Rioglass Solar team is proud our products have been selected for this amazing projectand the implicit trust of the project partners.
Rioglass Solar´s products are the core of the CSP plants and are decisive for the plant´s efficiency
About Rioglass Solar
Awarded the CSP Today Industry Choice Award (2016) and the Technology Innovation Award twice (2011, 2013), Rioglass, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is an international company offering high end receiver tubes and high-precision mirrors for concentrated solar power and concentrated photovoltaic technologies, and is the world market leader for optical components in the CSP and CPV markets.
Innovation is embedded in the company’s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce the tempered parabolic mirrors to the market, as well as the first to commercially deploy selfstanding heliostat mirror facets (with an integrated support structure). Rioglass Solar, through its acquisitions has also been at the cradle of the CSP early deployment and has taken the lead on innovation and introduction of new receiver concepts such a large aperture and molten salts receivers.
Leaning on a strong engineering experience of over 25 years in the CSP and related industries, Rioglass Solar offers the best economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts, combined with a highly automated production capacity to deliver the most cutting edge, top performing products to its customers worldwide.

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