Main Activities of Chinese Solar Thermal Energy Parties from Sept.,2018

Here is the monthly briefing about the main members of China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance:
l   On August 24, the innovation achievement exhibition of the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone was officially unveiled. The solar thermal technology model of would be exhibited in the Zhongguancun exhibition center for a long time.
l   From August 25 to 27, Xie Qiuye, secretary of the party committee and director of China Electric Power Planning and Design Institute attended the“2018 International Clean Heating Exhibition” and was invited to make a keynote speech.
l   On August 27, Energy China CEEEC Jiangsu branch won the bid for the pipe prefabricated equipment of Power China Northwest Engineering Hami Molten Salt Tower 50mw Solar Thermal Power Project.
l   On August 27, Shanghai Electric was approved by Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to acquire Suzhou THVOW Technology.
l   On August 27, a group of six domestic mainstream media reporters, including CCTV, People’s Daily, China Electric Power News, Southern Energy Observer, CBN Daily, and Science and Technology Daily went to CGN Solar Delingha 50mw Solar Thermal Power Demonstration Project for research.
l   On August 30, Wang Jianjun, secretary of Qinghai Party Committee, Liu Ning, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and acting governor went to the CGN Solar Delingha 50mw Solar Thermal Power DemonstrationProject for research together with Wen Guodong, secretary of Haixi Party Committee, Meng Hai, deputy secretary and governor of Haixi Party Committee, Sun Liming, standing member of Haixi party committee and the party secretary of  Delingha.
l   On August 31, Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd. and National Electric Investment Group Central Research Institute held a cooperation signing and application seminar for the comprehensive smart energy dispatch control system demonstration project in Beijing so as to jointly promote the product development of the integrated smart energy dispatch control system and the demonstration project application work.
l   On September 3, grid energy experts from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, China Southern Power Grid, State Grid Energy Research Institute, including Zhou Xiaoxin, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, honorary dean of China Electric Power Research Institute, Liu Jizhen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former president of North China Electric Power University went to Shouhang’s Dunhuang solar thermal power station for investigation.
l   On September 5, the “agriculture and solar thermal power + smart energy” town project of the Saibei management district of Jizhong Energy Well Group, which was supported by Beijing University of Technology, was successfully started.
l   On September 7, PowerChina Northwest Engineering Qinghai Gonghe Molten Salt Tower 50mw Solar Thermal Power Project issued a tender for the procurement of thermal control complete sets of heat storage systems.
l   On September 7, Yumen Royal Tech 50mw Tank Solar Thermal Power Project announced the results of the bid evaluation for the construction supervision service project.
l   On September 10, the signing ceremony and groundbreaking ceremony of Enesoon HSES “energy storage + multi-complementary + smart energy” clean heating technology achievement transformation demonstration project was held in Xiong’an New Area.
l   On September 12, Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, deputy minister of UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry, visited the China Electric Power Planning and Design Institute and said that he would strengthen research on energy action plans with the Asian cooperation dialogue (ACD) and carry out technical exchanges and cooperation in solar thermal power generation, photovoltaic power generation, and clean coal utilization.
l   On September 13, Royal Tech CSP Co., Ltd. and Schlaich Bergermann Partner solar company in Germany held a signing ceremony for the next generation of new tank collector development project, aiming to further reduce the cost of the collector deployment and increase the overall efficiency of the heat collection.
l   On September 14, more than 100 delegates attended the first large-scale salt system operation in China at the LIANTES Energy Co., Ltd.
l   On September 14, Power China Northwest Engineering Qinghai Gonghe Molten Salt Tower 50mw Solar Thermal Power Project released the successful bid for the storage heat transfer system installation and commissioning. Power China SEPCOI Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (Shandong) was the first successful candidate.
l   On September18, the heat-absorbing tower of the Qinghai Gonghe Molten Salt Tower 50mw Solar Thermal Power Project was capped. On September 19, the project issued a tender for the procurement of molten salt pipes and equipment electric heating.
l   From September 19 to 23, the solar interactive sand table exhibited by Shanghai Electric at the 20th China International Industry Fair became one of the highlights in its new energy field, attracting many visitors to experience.
l   Recently, the team led by Professor Feng Wei from School of Materials of Tianjin University has published a review titled “Azobenzene-based solar thermal fuels: design, properties, and applications” (design, performance and application of azo photothermal energy) on chemical society reviews (IF = 40.182), a flagship publication of Royal Society of Chemistry. The first author of the paper is the PhD Dong Liqi.
l   Recently, the “Molten Salt Experiment” of the New Energy Division of Jizhong Energy Well Mining Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Technology has been officially launched. The installation of the transfer equipment such as the injection molding machine and molten salt heating storage tank of Beijing University of Technology has been successfully completed. The “Molten Salt Experiment” includes two parts, the molten salt corrosion test and the molten salt electromagnetic induction heating test. The molten salt corrosion experiment is mainly to measure the corrosiveness of the molten salt; the molten salt electromagnetic induction heating experiment is mainly to verify the possibility of electromagnetic induction heating in the molten salt heating experiment.
l   In the Second “Shandong Governor Cup” industrial design competition, the “HSES clean energy heating and cooling station” of Shandong Enesoon Sanyuanzhu Thermal Power Co., Ltd. won the excellence award for intelligent products and high-end equipment.
l   Recently, Jiangxi Jinlida Potassium Industrial Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Tengda Industrial Co., Ltd. have won 2017 “Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award Third Prize” with the “optical glass preparation method with potassium nitrate” developed jointly.
l   Recently, Beijing Zhaoyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the clean energy heating system project of the lithium carbonate project of Qinghai Salt Lake Foshun Lanke Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., which has been officially signed.
l   At present, Qinghai Enesoon New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. needs to provide 1# module and experimental module of a solar thermal power demonstration project of a certain Yumen company with 500 tons of molten salt, hot and cold tank preheating and molten salt dissolving service. The on-site sampling has been completed and passed the third-party SGS test.
l   Recently, the world’s largest single-unit capacity tower Moroccan Nuo Phase III 150mw Thermal Power Station built by SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. has achieved the full-load operation and all indicators are excellent.
l   Recently, Shandong Linuo Ritter New Energy Co., Ltd. has proposed and edited the Solar High Temperature Vacuum Heat Collector Glass Tubes set by the China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance. Its draft for comments has been completed and now it is widely collecting opinions.
l   On September 26, at the 2018 Global Green Low Carbon “Blue Sky Award” Ceremony held in Shenzhen, Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd.won the 2018 Blue Sky Award”, which was the most valuable investment technology in the global renewable energy field.
l   On September 27, the Clean Energy Supply Pilot Project of Qingdao Enesoon Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd. was held at Pingdu Rubber Industrial Park in Qingdao, Shandong. The project used the plant’s own cooling water, waste gas recovery and industrial wastewater recycling of the sewage treatment plant to establish a clean energy station of the Enesoon Hses system to provide the plant with saturated steam for production and to solve the winter heating needs of the surrounding buildings.


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