Agenda of the 4th China Solar Thermal Power Conference was Announced

In order to promote the exchange and cooperation of solar thermal power science and technology,China National Solar Thermal EnergyAlliance, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Renewable Energy Society and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering will hold the "2018 China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference"in Changzhou, Jiangsu province on Sep.12-14. “Promoting the industrialized development of solar thermal power generation with scientific and technological innovation" is the theme of the conference, which is the most authoritative and influential annual solar thermal power technology conference in China.
The Co-Hostof the conferenceis Royal Tech CSP Co., Ltd.The Co-organizers of the conference are Beijing AOPU Star Tech Co., Ltd and Hebei DaoRong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The conference will be organized by China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance, Royal Tech CSP Co., Ltd and Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.The conference was strongly supported by Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd, Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited of Power China and LIANTES Energy Co., Ltd.
The guest lineup of this conference is strong. There are three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Xu Jianzhong, Zhou Xiaoxin, He Yaling), one special expert of “Thousand Talents Program”(Zhao Changying, Shanghai Jiaotong University), two leading talents in S&T innovation of national ten thousand people plan (Wang Weisheng,Researcher of China Electric Power Research Institute, Wang Zhifeng, Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS), three chair professors of “Cheung Kong Scholar”, (Jiang Peixue, Yang Xudong, Tsinghua University, Wei Jinjia, Xi'an Jiaotong University), and five person selected for Millions of Talents Project (Jin Jianxiang, researcher of Zhejiang University, Ji Jie, Professor of University of Science and Technology of China, Lei Tingzhou, Vice President of Henan academy of sciences, Jiang Peixue, Professor of Tsinghua University, Xu Jigang, Executive Vice-President of Engineering Institute of China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited).
Internationally, Mark Mehos(Director of Thermal Sciences group at NREL), Dr. Cliff Ho(Sandia National Laboratories), Dr. Julian Blanco(Director of CIEMAT-PSA, Spanish Energy and Environmental Technology Research Center, University of Seville, Spain), Dr. Eduardo Camacho(Professor of Control), Dr. Jin-Soo Kim(Senior Researcher of CSIRO, Australia), Gilles Flamant, (PROMES-CNRS), Dr. Fan Jianhua(Lifelong Professor of Danish University of Science and Technology)and other world-class technical experts will also speak in video format.
In the early stage of industrial development, solar thermal power generation depends on the support of technology, policies and the assistance of financial institutions. Yi Yuechun, vice president of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, was invited to introduce the actual progress of China's solar thermal power generation demonstration project and the prospects of industrial development. The responsible person of Qinghai Branch of China Development Bank will give a speech about the financing of solar thermal power project.
The conference will organize on-site observations of the first public show of solar salt melting operation.
The following is the agenda of this conference.

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