Enesoon Becomes the Platinum Sponsor of the 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference

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The 3rd China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference initiated by the China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance will be held in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province in August 8-10, 2017.

Recently, Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has been determined as the platinum sponsor of this Conference and will make a report titled as Solar Thermal Power Generation and Peak Load Regulation at the Conference, elaborating the role of energy storage in solar thermal power generation and satisfying users’ demand. This is the third time in a row for Enesoon to sponsor the China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference, as a supporter of China's solar thermal power industry development.

Enesoon focuses on energy storage

Enesoon is a professional service provider and system integrator that provide the core products and services spanning the entire energy storage industry chain. It is a national high-tech enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells new materials for heat storage, new equipments for heat storage and heat storage systems. It has been committed to the application and development of energy storage in the field of solar thermal power generation and clean energy field, providing customers with the overall solutions including the design, system integration, complete sets of equipment, engineering construction, investment, operation and management of various energy storage and energy supply projects. As a high-tech enterprise, Enesoon has owned more than 100 core technology patents spanning solar field, energy storage system, power block, key equipments such as collector, thermal storage tank, molten salt, overall system integration.

The CTO of Enesoon, Zeng Zhiyong, said that "Energy storage is the integrated link of multi-energy subsystem and the heart of the future integrated energy system. Energy storage has three roles in the integrated energy system, such as the buffer, the polymerizer, the stabilizer. Energy storage is a major advantage of thermal power generation superior to other renewable energy power generation. However, if the wind power, solar photovoltaic, etc. are equipped with energy storage systems and we can control the scale and cost to a lower degree, the advantages of solar thermal power generation technology will face challenges. But from another perspective, the application prospects of energy storage will be broader. Therefore, Enesoon has always been committed to building the world's first-rate energy storage expert team, providing professional services concerning the world's first-rate energy storage solutions, and establishing the 'E brain' Internet platform of global clean energy engineers."

Figure: Enesoon's wind - light - heat - electricity storage wisdom energy solution

Technological innovation makes an industry pioneer

Enesoon is committed to the application and development of solar thermal power generation and clean energy field energy (heat) storage, and solves the technical bottlenecks and cost issues of renewable energy with energy storage at the core. As a supplier of energy storage system solutions, Enesoon employs many solar thermal power generation system experts from home and abroad and can solve the energy storage technology problems of the current China's solar thermal power stations.

"Solar tower power system + intelligent energy management" project of Enesoon Suqian Optoelectronics Technology Center is one of the most representative projects. The project includes 200kW solar tower thermal power generation system, 488kW roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system, 30MWh low melting point quaternary molten salt energy storage peak load system, 1044kW refrigeration and 835kW heating and heating combined supply system, intelligent energy management system. The Project was planned and designed in March 2013 by the Suqian government and entrusted to Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2014. After two years’ efforts on design and construction, the system had generated steam and electricity successfully on November 24, 2016 and  December 16, 2016 separately. This Project combines production, storage, use and scheduling of energy, displays its work process through a visualized intelligent energy management platform, vividly reflects the efficiency of energy use, and improves energy data trace ability for the users. At the same time, through the collection and analysis of large data, this self-learning system will be gradually optimized and ultimately achieved the balance between zero carbon and maximum efficiency.

Figure: “solar tower power system+ intelligent energy management" project of Enesoon Suqian Optoelectronics Technology Center

Enesoon is also responsible for the investment and construction of one central heating project using clean energy in Sanyuan Zhu Village, Shouguang, Shandong Province, which utilizes "Molten salt energy storage + Multiple complementary system" to supply “clean heat” for more than 4000 households.

Enesoon has won a lot of honors

After years of exploration and innovation, Enesoon has applied for 137 patents and more than 150 patents. Enesoon's molten salt energy storage, clean energy, photovoltaic power generation related patents account for 57.14% of the domestic patents over the same period; it has applied for international PCT patent and entered the US Patent Office, and European Patent Office.

At present, Enesoon has won a lot of honors: Best system integration solutions provider of China's energy storage industry in 2016; Best thermal energy technology research progress award of China's energy storage industry in 2016; Nomination for the leading technology blue sky award with the most investment value in the world's renewable energy field in 2016; the 18th China International Hi-tech Fair Excellence Award; Golden award for intellectual innovation on China Wisdom Energy • Innovation Summit; Annual low-carbon city development technology contribution award in 2017;  Most influential enterprise award of China's energy storage industry in 2017; Best design research unit award of China's energy storage industry in 2017; Best thermal energy demonstration project award of China's energy storage industry in 2017 and China’s Independent Innovation Green Development Award in 2017.

Figure: Enesoon's 2017 Technology Contribution Award for Low-Carbon Cities Development 

The professional team, advanced planning and unremitting efforts make Enesoon a pioneer in the industry. The CTO of Enesoon, Mr. Zeng Zhiyong, also won the “Most influential people award of China's energy storage industry in 2017” with his personal outstanding contribution.

These awards won by Enesoon are not only honors, but also recognition and encouragement of the industry for Enesoon's commitment to the energy storage technology research and development, product development and application over the years.

Assisting China’s solar thermal power and intelligent energy industry

As a supplier of new energy storage materials, Enesoon focuses on building the world's largest energy storage new material production base, molten salt project with the annual output of 1 million tons of molten salt in the Qinghai molten salt base of Enesoon. The Phase I Project will produce molten salt for the first time in July this year; this year, the 300,000 ton production capacity of the phase I will be available. Enesoon’s goal is to base in China and expand the business to the world to supply the global solar thermal power generation and clean energy storage industry with new materials.

On the way to the world, Enesoon has built a set of complete and professional global marketing and customer service network. Their products are sold to more than 40 countries and areas including the United States, Russia, Germany, Finland, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea, Thailand and Singapore, etc. Enesoon adheres to the scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, meets customer needs, takes market opportunities as the orientation and uses diversified solutions to respond to the diversified needs of users. Enesoon actively integrates resources for the energy storage project, adopts a new BOT mode to link users, integrators, project operators or investors, and creates high-quality power assets. Enesoon also ensures the controllability of risks and benefits of participants, contributes to the sound development of industry, and provides quality products and services to customers. "Innovation nurtures dreams, love changes the world."

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