The First-Class Bonus ¥88,000 | The Global Competition of the Yellow Emperor Town Sightseeing Corridor Landscape Design

Recently, the global competition on the landscape design of sightseeing corridor above the solar energy cross-season heat storage pipeline in Zhangjiakou,the Yellow Emperor town was jointly organized by the Zhuolu Science&Technology Park Incubator Co., Ltd. and China Solar Thermal Alliance.
Ⅰ.Design Background
This solar energy cross-season hot water storage project inthe Yellow Emperor town,  Zhangjiakou Hebei Province is a zero-carbon heating project that uses solar energy for the whole year to collect heat in 100,000 cubic meters of large-scale water body storage, and use it to heat the buildings for 180 days. The solar collector area is about 60,000 square meters and a water storage body of 300,000 cubic meters. The corridor is a water pipe connecting the water body and the heating point. In the winter, the hot water in the water storage body will be transported through the pipeline to the heating building about 2 kilometers away.
This global competition is to use the corridor on the hot water pipe between the heating buildings and 300,000 cubic meters of solar energy cross-season heat storage body. The corridor can reduce the heat dissipation in the underground pipeline in winter, and can also be used as a landscape tourism corridor to connect the various scenic spots of the Dahua Yellow Emperor Town Community.
Photo: The Yellow Emperor Town Solar Energy Cross-Season Hot Water Storage Project
Ⅱ.Design Elements
1. Reflecting the high-tech utilization of solar energy;
2. The environmental friendship of zero carbon heating and the zero carbon energy system which is the common pursuit of mankind ;
3. Reflecting the culture of the Yellow Emperor:
★ The image of the Yellow Emperor's image of the Chinese ancestor and the human ancestor;
★ The Yellow Emperor defeating Chiyou expressed the realization of the unification of the various states of China, the realization of the integration of the tribes, and the great merits of making the people live and work in peace and contentment;
★ The Yellow Emperor practiced the rule of virtue, repaired the virtues and raised the people, and formed a good ancient moral trend in the society, which is now spread throughout Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea;
★ By cherishing the ancestors of the Yellow Emperor in order to inspire future generations, in the process of continuous generations of generations, the blood of the Chinese nation is continuously continued, and the integration and development of all Chinese descendants.
4. Coordinate with the local landscape (requires landscape map from;
5. Consider the requirements of walking tourism, rest and drinking water equipment;
6. Barrier-free design;
7. Combine climate in Zhuolu County to design shelter from wind and rain, and resist wind and cold;
8. The corridor across through the entire Yellow Emperor town. As the tourists pass through different attractions, the color of the corridor is different, and there is a hint of guidance;
9. The design concept of green environmental protection culture should be embodied in the application of materials, and the facilities are simple and multi-functional;
10. The design of the safety device within a certain distance which is convenient for tourists ;
11. Implant the background elements of the 5G era, so that the service of Yellow Emperor Township is intimate at any time and anywhere, and the propaganda form keeps pace with the times.
Ⅲ.Rules Description
1.The contest works are submitted in JPG or PDF format (with an accuracy of not less than 300dpi) electronic file with 1-2 A0 size drawings. The ratio is determined by yourselves. The drawings include at least the following contents, including the general plan view, typical line plan layout, typical node design, partial enlargement, corridor panoramic rendering (Manual drawing is also acceptable), and program descriptions no more than 300 words.
2. Deadline: The competition is announced from July 8, 2019 to August 28, 2019. The results of the competition will be announced before August 30, 2019.
3. Copyright: Each valid contested work is given a copyright fee of ¥3,333 (the settlement currency is RMB). The copyright of the works owned by Dahua Group,which can be copied, partially copied, used and published, and announce the ranking of the work.
4. The evaluation of the submitted works is by expert committee , and the score of the expert group is used as the basis for the assessment.
5. The principle of scoring: the artistry of the program, the humanities embodied in the plan, the consideration of the pipeline insulation, and the consideration of the plan for tourism.
6. In order to express the designer's thoughts more clearly, the language of the competition plan drawings and explanatory documents can be selected from 7 languages: Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc. The use of language will not affect the score.
7. The number of works of each contestant shall not exceed 3, and each work shall not exceed 30% similarity. Otherwise only 1 copy shall be taken as a valid work.
Ⅳ.The Awards 
The competition awards have 2 levels.
The first prize is ¥88,000, 1 person, and all the travel expenses of the award ceremony, including international flights are subsidized.
The second prize is ¥33,000, 2 persons, and all travel expenses for the award ceremony, including international flights, are subsidized.
Encouragement prize is ¥6,000, 6 persons.
(Note: The settlement currency is RMB. If it is necessary to exchange foreign currency, it shall be handled by yourself or the client.)
Ⅴ.Contact information
Contact: Mr. Wang Shubao        E-mail:

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