1.35GW! Xinjiang Autonomous Region announced 13 new CSP projects

Updated:2022-07-07 13:52Source:CSTA
On July 4, the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region announced the Second Batch of Market -based New Energy Projects in 2022,  with 49 grid-connection promotion projects and 18 integration project of power supply, grid, load and energy storage.
The total capacity reaches 47.8325GW, of which 27.39 GW of solar PV, 13.495GW of wind power projects, and 6.9475GW of coupled storage projects.
The coupled storage projects includes two types of solar thermal power (CSP) and electrochemical energy storage. Among them, the CSP capacity is 1.35 GW, accounting for 19.43% of the coupled storage projects.
It can be seen from the table above that 13 CSP projects are mainly located in Hami city, Changji city, Turpan city, Bayingolin Prefecture and Bortala Prefecture. Construction companies include ENERGY CHINA, Three Gorges, SPIC, Datang, Luneng, Power China & Kunpeng Energy Storage, Haitai New Energy, SIDC Power, Power China, Xinhua Hydropower.
Except for the CSP project of ENERGY CHINA, with a capacity of 150MW, the remaining 12 projects are all with a capacity of 100MW, and the energy storage time is between 8-12 hours. In contrast, electrochemical energy storage time is between 2 to 4 hours.
In principle, the solar PV and wind projects requires to be on grid in 2023, and CSP projects have to be completed in two years, that is by 2024. The "integration" solar project will have a comprehensive price as the coal-fired plant of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

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