New Starting Point and New Journey: China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2018 Comes to a Successful Ending

On September 14, the China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2018 has come to a successful end in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. This three-day conference is the most authoritative and most heavyweight annual one for solar thermal electricity technology in the solar power industry in China and depicts the bright prospective and fruitful results of the cause, which is a strong motivating force.
At this conference, more than 400 representatives of foreign and domestic enterprises and institutions, research institutes, investment agencies, and associations etc. jointly shared and discussed issues such as cutting-edge technologies, system design, point-focus solar collection technologies, line-focus solar collection technologies, high-temperature heat storage and exchange technologies as well as solar heating technologies, policies, and financing, and discussed together “facilitating the development of industrialization in solar thermal electricity generation through innovations in science and technology”.
 Shao Jixin, vice chairman of the China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance, presides over the closing ceremony of the Conference
Shao Jixin, Vice chairman of the China National Solar Thermal Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “CNSTEA”) and Head of Gansu Building Materials Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., presided over the closing ceremony of the Conference. He expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of the CNSTEA to the joint hosts of the Conference - Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, China Renewable Energy Society, and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, the co-host of the Conference - Royal Tech CSP Co., Ltd., the co-organizers of the Conference - Beijing AOPU Star Tech Co., Ltd. and Hebei DaoRong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the supporters of the Conference - Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited of Power China and LIANTES Energy Co.,Ltd., and the exhibitors of the Conference - Wuhan Sunnpo Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.,AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Baosteel Special Metal Co., Ltd., Changzhou Solar Molten Salt Pump Valve Technology Co., Ltd., Riohuan (Inner Mongolia) Solar Co.,Ltd., CSIC Shuangwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Qingdao Xingyue Iron Tower Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey & Design Institute Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Manto Chemistry Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Minli Bearing Co.,Ltd. And also he extended his gratitude to all the leaders, experts, and foreign and domestic guests and representatives for their vigorous support of and proactive participation in this Conference, their long-term support of the China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference and the CNSTEA, their contribution to our country’s cause of utilizing solar thermal energy, and joint witness of the growing and flourishing industry of solar thermal electricity in China.
Dr. Wang Zhifeng, Chairman of the Conference, gave a conference summary 
At the closing ceremony, Dr. Wang Zhifeng, Chairman of the Conference from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, performed high-level, systemic and comprehensive summarizations and valuations on 68 in-depth oral presentations and 24 posters delivered in this conference and summarized highlights in the reports at this Conference, such as solar thermal electricitygeneration technology, foreign and domestic policies, engineering investment, cost, and electricity price trend forecasts.
 Attendees visited the large-size salt melting system self-developed by LIANTES
In the afternoon, more than 100 attendees observed the operation of the first domestic large-size solar salt melting system with molten salt self-developed by LIANTES Energy Co., Ltd.
The “China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference” is another brand conference created by the Solar Thermal Alliance based on the consecutive eight Sanya International Forums for Solar Thermal Electricity Technology and positioned as a technical conference for solar thermal electricity generation with due consideration of hot topics on industrial development. Whether at the pioneering stage or in the unfolding development period, the China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference keeps consistent from beginning to end, adheres to deep, professional and authoritative characteristics, serves the solar thermal energy utilization industry attentively and persistently, and always follows a path of making innovation for goods.
Now is an important turning moment for the development of the solar thermal electricitygeneration industry. The first batch of national solar thermal electricity demonstration projects progress concerning its progress has become a focus among practitioners in the photo-thermal industry. We need to carry forward the spirit of innovation to meet the challenges and brace for advent of an era of increasing quality and improving efficiency in the solar thermal electricity generation industry. It is a new starting point and a new journey. Those engaged in the photo-thermal industry will surely boost the innovation and development of solar thermal electricitygeneration and solar heating industries through another innovation exchange. We wish our country’s cause of utilizing solar thermal electricity prosperity and success. We are looking forward to our reunion next year!

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