China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2022 will be held in Jiuquan City

Updated:2022-06-08 16:37Source:CSTA

The 16th China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference organized by China Solar Thermal Alliance (CSTA) is planned to be held in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province in mid-August 2022.

China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference was renamed from the“Sanya International CSP forum”that was held in 2007 and has been successfully held for 15 sessions so far, with the theme of promoting the industrialized development of solar thermal electricity (or concentrated solar power, CSP) with scientific and technological innovation. Mr. Jianzhong Xu, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed that as the most authoritative and influential solar science and technology event in the field of solar thermal power generation in China, the influence generated by the conference has played a great promotion role for the development of CSP technology and industries at home and abroad.

The conference is calling for papers, and welcome the international community parities to share the latest related research results, projects and experiences, and joined the event online.


1. Call for Papers for China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference 2022

2. Speaking opportunity application form

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