China will build 200MW CSP plants for 1.4GW Lugu DC Transmission Project in Baicheng City

Updated:2021-09-25 21:59Source:CSTA

On Sep. 23, 2021, the Baicheng Municipal People's Government of Jilin Province issued the "Publicity of the Evaluation Results of the Recommended Enterprises for the 1.4GW Lugu DC Transmission Project". 

Lugu DC is the first UHV DC channel of the Northeast Power Grid, with Jixi Baicheng outward transmission capacity of 1.4GW. The support power supply construction will include 800MW wind power, 400MW PV, and 200MW CSP.

The project plans two units in Tongyu County (1) and Da'an City (2) with 4 bids.

After expert review, according to the ranking of each applying enterprise and the ranking list of project intentions provided by the enterprise, The recommended companies for each project that ranked first  as follows:

Project No. 1: The State Power Investment Corporation Limited (lead), Zhongguang New Energy

Project No. 2: PowerChina

Project No. 1 and 2 will build 200MW wind and PV separately and jointly build 100MW CSP.

Project No. 3: China General Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd. (lead), Baicheng Energy Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Project No. 4: China Datang Group New Energy Co., Ltd. (lead), China Energy Construction Group Investment Co., Ltd.

Project No. 3 and 4 will build 200MW wind and PV separately and jointly build 100MW CSP.

The project must be completed and connected to the grid at the same time with full capacity before December 31, 2023. The development and operation period is 25 years, of which the wind power part is 20 years (excluding the construction period).

According to the qualification conditions of the project company selection, the total assets of the applied enterprise are 20 billion yuan and above, and the net assets are 5 billion yuan and above. Consortium are allowed. In terms of CSP performance requirement, as of August 31, 2021, the declaring enterprise has to hold a CSP plant connected to the grid or under construction.

The company selection service support organization is China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, which is the the vice chairman member of China Solar Thermal Alliance (CSTA).

“ It marks the beginning of China's concentrating solar power (CSP) plus other renewable energy power projects. The molten salt storage tanks of the CSPplant is equipped with an electric heating system that can accept renewable energy power. The solar thermal power generation system forms a two-way connection to the grid to achieve the purpose of flexible regulation of renewable energy power. And this selection is led by the state-owned enterprise which will surely play a role in guaranteeing the implementation of the project.” Dr. Zhifeng Wang, the chairman of China Solar Thermal Alliance and researcher of Institute of electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

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