Hongli Technology confirmed to participate in the 5th China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference

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Recently, the supplier of the local control equipment for the heliostat control system and the implementer of on-site commissioning of mirror field control system of Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project, the 50MW tower CSP Project - Qingdao Yijiehongli Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as HLC) confirmed to participate in the 5th  China Solar Thermal Electricity Conference which will be held in Hangzhou on August 20-22, 2019. So far, the number of exhibitors at the conference has reached 13.
HLC, found in 2002, is affiliated to Sepco III Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd which is a member of China Solar Thermal Alliance. Hongli Technology is a leading provider of information and industrial automation solutions for energy and engineering. HLC has technical advantages in general automation, intelligentization and digitization and also has core technologies in power plant control systems, sea water desalination, CSP generation, and new energy project control systems. At present, the company's business has covered 19 countries and regions including Nigeria, Myanmar, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Morocco. 
Figure 1: Panorama of the Haixi Project
There are 4400 heliostats in the 50MW tower CSP sub-project, the Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integrated Optimization Demonstration Project. The reflectance area of a single heliostat is 138.672 m2.  The technology of local LOC box control for heliostat has been widely accepted. The CSP plant requires the heliostats local control system equipments to have high control precision, strong anti-disturbance ability and long service life. This project site is located in Haixi Prefecture at an altitude of 3,000 meters, with typical high temperature, severe cold and high altitude.  Therefore, the control device should has more powerful functions to meet the  requirements related to the special area.
It is necessary to ensure the long operation life of the thermal power station equipment in the harsh environment. The heliostat tracking, the key technology of the integrated control is difficult to achieve. In order to further improve the quality of control equipment and speed up the implementation of project commissioning, Hongli Technology organized technical personnel to go to the foreign thermal professional institution for a three-weeks onsite test of heliostat local LOC box control program in Jan, 2018. The test results of the LOC box control program met the project design indicators. During the selection process of the LOC box equipment of the project, the technicians carefully compared and selected several brands and manufacturers of the same type of equipments, and conducted software/hardware tests and performance verification on the selected equipment and the complete set of LOC boxes.
Figure 2: testing in Spain
Figure 3: Heliostats Field in Haixi Project
Up to now, the Luneng Haixi project has completed commissioning of more than 3,100 heliostats. "Through the implementation of the mirror field control system project of Luneng Haixi 50MW tower molten salt CSP station, Hongli Technology has been able to independently complete the design of the mirror control system of the CSP station, control equipment selection and production, on-site commissioning, and provide a total solution for the mirror field control system of the tower CSP station," said the relevant person in charge of Hongli Technology.
Figure 4: Heliostats local LOC box
To learn more about Hongli Technology's products and technologies, you are welcome to the West Lake in August this year and have face-to-face communication with Hongli Technology representatives at the 5th China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference. For more information about the conference, please visit the official website of the China Solar Thermal Alliance.(http://www.cnste.org/)

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