Introduction to CSP performance models and their uses 5 days of training

Introduction to CSP performance models and their uses
5 days of training. May 20-24, Beijing
Organizer: China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance (STE Alliance)
Training content:
Molten-Salt Tower Modeling
•Design basics
•Solar Resource data
•Laying out the optimizing the solar field layout and receiver flux mapping (using NREL’s SolarPilot)
•Power cycle design (using IPSEpro) and SAM input Matrix (wet, dry, hybrid cooling)
•SAM input parameter
•Detailed cost model
•Financial model
•Design optimization
•Parametric Analysis
•Designing a peaker MS tower plant.
Parabolic Trough Modeling
•Design basics
•Laying out the solar field
oupdated solar field input parameters.
oaccessing new SAM piping model.
•Power Cycle input matric
•Detailed Cost Model
•Design optimization
•Parametric Analysis
•Trough peaker design
•Therminol Oil vs new Silica HTF vs Molten-salt heat transfer fluid
Training will provide to all participants:
•Handouts (electronic copies of slides).
•Sample SAM files for all technology cases.
•Sample SAM Excel cost models for all cases.
•Hands on training examples where students run SAM examples on their own computers.
2 Solar Dynamics Instructors (one English speaking and one Chinese/English speaking)
oLead instructor is Kyle Kattke (English Speaker) – experienced with design of commercial MS tower and parabolic trough plants.
oSecond instructor is experienced with the design of commercial parabolic trough plants and is a native Chinese speaker. He will help with translation and support of hands on modeling laboratory.
Bio of Kyle Kattke, P.E.
Kyle Kattke is a senior process and systems engineer for Solar Dynamics LLC. 
Kyle received his B.S. from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota USA. with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and his M.S. in Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado USA with a Mechanical Specialty.  Kyle is a registered mechanical engineer in Colorado USA.
Kyle has worked for Solar Dynamics for the last 2 years. Kyle is the project manager for Solar Dynamics DROPC heliostat development and performance model development. He is the lead process engineer supporting development of new Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant concepts developed by Solar Dynamics. He recently developed the conceptual design and performance models for a new molten-salt tower peaker plant. The new peaker plant is designed to be a dispatchable renewable power generating resource and is intended to compete with natural gas peaking plants. He is recently helped the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) update their System Advisor Model (SAM) to better model trough plants that use molten-salt as the heat transfer fluid (HTF). He is currently working on optimizing the conceptual design of trough plants using molten-salt HTF.
Kyle worked for Abengoa Solar USA for 5 years. Most recently as a lead performance engineer where he has been responsible for defining the configuration of CSP power plant designs. He sized plant major equipment utilizing technoeconomic models. He optimized the steam Rankine design parameters defined using power cycle model developed in IPSEPro. He collaborated with Abengoa’s EPC business group and Abengoa Solar colleagues in Spain to develop detailed plant design specifications. He created the standard documentation packages used to exchange specifications and request data to promote quality standards and document product development. He was responsible for annual performance simulations including defining equipment degradation factors to enable 30-year generation simulations including major maintenance schedules. He updated the Solana Generating Station TRNSYS based performance model to make it capable of sub-hourly time steps.  
Prior to this, Mr. Kattke worked for Abengoa’s R&D Department for 3 years. Here he was responsible for modeling the annual performance of CSP technologies under development by the R&D department. He developed techno economic optimized designs of supercritical CO2 power cycles for CSP applications. He was the lead engineer working on the development of advanced, low cost heliostat. His design evolved into the ROP heliostat.
Bio of Kangqian Wu
Kangqian Wu is a System Analyst of Solar Dynamics LLC. 
Kangqian Wu received his B.S. from University of Science and Technology Beijing with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and his M.S. from University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Energy and Environment.  
Kangqian Wu worked for Abengoa Solar USA as a System Analyst from 2013. He was involved in the Warranty Model and Performance Model development of two commercial CSP plants: Solana and Mojave. He developed a performance model for a hybrid PV and CSP power plant, a performance model for a particle tower project, and a hydraulic model for Solana.  
Kangqian Wu worked for Skyfuel Inc. as a Mechanical Engineer from 2016. He developed a Molten Salt Trough model with SAM for one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects. He also participated in the design of a 7 m trough collector.
Today, Kangqian Wu is working with Solar Dynamics developing an advanced performance model for a commercial trough CSP plant in the Mideast.

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