Key Activities and events of CNSTEA in 2019

As a Class-A alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “CNSTEA”) achieved good results in 2018 in such aspects as academic exchanges, technical training, information publicity, project management, service to the government, membership development and service.
In 2019, under the leadership of the Chairman Joint Committee, the care and support of the leaders of relevant departments of the state, and the active cooperation of membership units, the CNSTEA Secretariat will continue to organize industry forces to create innovation chain based on the industrial chain, thus further promoting the development of solar thermal utilization technology and industry.
Advance Notice on Key Activities in 2019
1.Convene the 4th CNSTEA General Assembly of All Directors (April 25 ▪ Beijing)
In accordance with the relevant provisions stipulated in the Accession Agreement, the 4th CNSTEA General Assembly of Directors is scheduled to be held in Beijing on April 25, and a general election of the Chairman Joint Committee will be held.
2.Hold a Training Course on Solar Thermal Power Generation (May 20-24 ▪ Beijing)
To serve the development of solar thermal power generation industry, a special training course on solar thermal power generation is scheduled to be held at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences from May 20 to 24. The training course will adopt SAM and other software for tower and parabolic trough solar thermal power generation system design, performance and economic modeling analysis.
3.Publish Blue Book on Development of Solar Thermal Utilization Industry in 2018 (June ▪ Beijing)
To sort out the development of the industry and provide relevant data for government departments and the industry, CNSTEA is organizing experts to compile 2018 Blue Book on the Development of Solar Thermal Utilization Industry. The book is divided into two volumes: the first volume is solar thermal power generation; the second volume is solar thermal utilization.
4. Hold the 5th China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference (August 20-22 ▪ Hangzhou)
The China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference is a solar thermal power generation technology conference initiated and hosted by CNSTEA. As an annual grand gathering of solar thermal power generation technology, the 5th China Solar Thermal Power Generation Conference will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in early August. The conference will take such forms as conference reports, special seminars, group reports and posting papers for technical exchanges, and set up a few boutique booths. At present, the solicitation of papers and sponsors for the conference is ongoing.
5. Convene the 9th Postgraduate Forum on Solar Thermal Utilization Science and Technology (November)
To promote the development of solar thermal utilization technology in China, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in solar thermal utilization science and technology among universities and research institutes, and provide a platform for the majority of postgraduate students to demonstrate themselves and do researches, CNSTEA has launched the postgraduate forum on solar thermal utilization science and technology since 2011. With the support of CNSTEA, North China Electric Power University, Lanzhou University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Yunnan Normal University, Tianjin University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Technology and Tsinghua University have successively organized the forum.
6. Select and Award the 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award for Solar Thermal Utilization Science and Technology (November)
As China’s first award involving solar thermal utilization, the Outstanding Contribution Award was initiated and established by CNSTEA, aiming to reward individuals who have made important contributions to the scientific and technological progress of solar thermal utilization in China, thus encouraging more solar thermal utilization workers and enthusiasts to vigorously promote the vigorous development of solar thermal utilization in China through unremitting pursuit and rigorous exploration. This award requires neither personal application nor recommendation by other organizations, but nomination by CNSTEA Secretariat and it is determined based on two rounds of voting by CNSTEA Expert Committee and Chairman Joint Committee. No more than 2 winners will be awarded each year, with a bonus of 100,000 RMB per person.
7. Organize the 2019 Welcome Tea Party for Old Experts on Solar Thermal Utilization (December ▪ Beijing)
The old experts have made great efforts for our solar thermal utilization technology and industrial development, thus they are the precious wealth of the industry. CNSTEA will, as always, care for and cherish the old experts, and encourage them to contribute their remaining energy to support the innovative development of the industry.
8. Evaluate the Qualification of CNSTEA Public Technical Service Platform
To meet the needs of China’s solar thermal power generation industry and market development, continuously improve the technological innovation system of industry-university-research combination, and avoid repeated investment and waste of resources, CNSTEA has now completed the evaluation and listing of two public technical service platforms for solar thermal power generation (Testing Center for Solar Thermal Power Generation Equipment, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Engineering Laboratory on Solar Thermal Power Generation, Light Concentration and Thermal Collection System Technology of RAYSPOWER). The public technical service platform will provide support for scientific and reasonable formulation of testing standard and guarantee the quality of key products for solar thermal power generation.
9. Promote Transboundary Cooperation
Solar energy medium and low temperature thermal utilization (80℃-250℃) technology can provide thermal energy for industrial and agricultural fields, including building heating, food and dairy processing, drying, textile printing and dyeing, and petrochemical. CNSTEA will actively strengthen ties with other brother alliances, increase the understanding of the industrial chain of both sides through face-to-face contacts and mutual visits, and actively promote transboundary cooperation. CNSTEA will actively promote mature projects with breakthrough.
10.Promote the Organization and Compilation of CNSTEA Standard
Standard shall go ahead in industrial development. As a national alliance, CNSTEA will continue to promote the organization and compilation of alliance standard. CNSTEA will follow up and manage the alliance standard under compilation, issue the alliance standard in due course, and cooperate with such institutions as National Solar Energy Standardization Technical Committee to apply for national standard with CNSTEA standard. 
11. Continue to serve the members and the industry well
CNSTEA will continue to strengthen contact and communication with relevant functional departments of the state, reflect the voice of the industry, provide good supporting service, and expand the influence of the industry. 
12. Organize exchange visits and technical exchange activities among membership units of CNSTEA
The exchange visits among membership units are a brand activity of CNSTEA. The exchange visits can not only enhance mutual understanding and friendship among membership units, but also carry out small-scale thematic technical exchanges.
In 2019, CNSTEA will join hands with its membership units to contribute to the development of China’s solar thermal utilization technology and industry. You and I strive for synergetic development!
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