SEPCOIII Gets 5 National Utility Model Patents and 4 Software Copyrights

Updated:2019-02-20 14:50Source:SEPCOIII
On February 11th, SEPCOIII Hongrui Consulting Company got 5 national utility model patents and 4 software copyrights, and including the utility model relates to a type of welded plugging plate in hydraulic pressure test of pipeline, a system of molten salt storage tank in a solar-thermal power stations, a steam turbine off-line shaft seal system in a solar-thermal power stations, solar thermal power station heat absorption tower, a fault recording system of power plant based on microcomputer and networking technology and cable loss calculation software, soft wire short circuit mechanical effect calculation software, indirect air cooling tower thermal calculation software, extreme books manager.
The first four kinds of utility model patents all belong to the field of solar thermal power generation. The last one belongs to the field of information mining and processing system, which can reliably realize fault recording of the whole plant, including the middle and low voltage system, and improve the stability of power plant operation.
SEPCOIII always adheres to scientific and technological innovation, research and development. It has obtained more than 20 patents and soft certificates in 2018. In 2019, SEPCOIII will continue to accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, promote the patent, soft and scientific research results transform and form the management methods.

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