The economic performance of concentrated solar power industry in China


Recently published article from Journal of Cleaner Production covers the topic of economic performance of CSP in China. Authors are from the North China Electric Power University: Ren Ling-zhia, Zhao Xin-gang, Zhang Yu-zhuo and Li Yan-bin. The researchers analysed the economic benefits of CSP industry, under the current technological level and policy system of China.

The results showed that: Firstly, the huge initial costs resulted in that the investment of CSP industry had to bear a long capital recovery period, which might add the investment risks; meanwhile it was still economically feasible because of better expected benefits.

Secondly, for CSP industry, the internal rate of return mainly varied from 8% to 12%, and the average levelized cost of energy was $0.148/kWh; the economic performance of CSP industry was attractive from the multiple dimensions analysis, and the benchmark feed-in-tariffs could provide effective support for the CSP industry development of China.

Thirdly, adopting solar tower CSP technology was better choice to improve the economic benefits of CSP industry, compared with parabolic trough and linear Fresnel CSP technologies. Lastly, the direct normal irradiation, initial costs, annual electricity production and loans ratio had important impacts on the economic benefits of CSP industry, and should be paid more attention in investment decisions.

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by Alina Gilmanova

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