Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute joined the Solar Thermal Energy Alliance

Recently, the joint meeting of directors of the China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance (referred to CNSTEA) voted to approve the application of Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Institute) to join the CNSTEA. Shandong Institute officially become the member of CNSTEA.
Founded in 1958, Shandong Institute is affiliated to the State Power Investment Corporation and a member of the SNPTC. After 60 years of innovation and development, Shandong Institute has formed a development pattern integrating engineering consulting, planning assessment, survey and design, general contracting and project management. It has qualifications and abilities to provide a comprehensive and full-industry chain for the power engineering construction and operation.
Shandong Institute has the highest engineering design comprehensive grade A qualification in the industry. It is the only engineering company in china that has the 1000mw thermal power at home and abroad, ±1100kv UHV, three generations of nuclear power conventional island performance. It has ranked the forefront of “China Survey and Design Unit Comprehensive Strength Top 100”, “China Survey and Design Industry Engineering Contracting Turnover Top 100” and “China Survey and Design Industry Project Management Top 100” for many years. In 2016 and 2017, it ranked among the Top 60 Chinese engineering companies and Top 80 Chinese contractors selected by the United States Engineering News-Record (ENR)/ Architectural Times. In order to better integrate resources and build a high-end brand in the power station service industry, Shandong Institute is also constantly paying attention to the solar thermal power generation and putting it into practice. At present, the preliminary work and bidding of a number of domestic and foreign solar thermal power generation projects have been carried out. Through these efforts, Shandong Institute has accumulated the experience and laid the foundation for the project implementation.
The person in charge of Shandong Institute said that after joining the solar thermal energy alliance, Shandong Institution will use its resource endowment and leading edge technology in the solar thermal energy industry to combine with the mature experience of advantageous enterprises quickly so that the technology innovation can integrate with the new modes of professional services deeply and its strength in the emerging solar energy industry can be fast enhanced. The new energy map of Shandong Institute can be enriched increasingly. It will cooperate with counterparts and help China’s solar thermal power generation industry move forward.

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