Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project-solar thermal project Simulation

On August 7, 2019, Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project-solar thermal project Simulation System Review Meeting was successfully held in the Power Plant Simulation Training Center of SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. Leaders and external experts from Luneng Group, HLC and Design Institute attended the meeting.
Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project is the first multi-energy complementary technology innovation project in the country's first multi-energy complementary integration optimization demonstration project. It is the world's leading pure energy comprehensive utilization innovation base integrating “wind, light, heat, storage, adjustment and load”.Among them, Luneng Qinghai Haixi 50MW tower solar thermal project is the key project of the demonstration project. The project EPC contracting is SEPCOIII.The project started in March 2018 and has a heat storage capacity of 12 hours. It is the longest-running power station in the country that has built and is currently building a solar thermal project.After the completion of the project, it will realize the use of peaks and peaks, and improve the stability of the grid to meet the continuous and rapid growth of energy demand and clean and efficient use of energy.

At the meeting, HLC first reported and demonstrated the system functions of the “Luneng Haixi Tower solar thermal project Simulation System”.The participating experts listened to the work report, examined in detail the completion of the simulation =(subsystems and discussed them in four aspects: mirror field, heat storage, conventional steam water system and electrical thermal control system.

After reviewing the materials, practical operations and thorough discussion, the experts fully affirmed the model development of the system of mirror field, heat storage and other systems, and formed a consistent conclusion:The simulation system,Constructed by SEPCOIII,developed by HLC, has the simulation training functions of single equipment start-stop, sub-system application, cold state, hot start, etc. It can realize the whole process simulation demonstration of the input from the conventional island system, the investment of the molten salt system, the operation of the mirror field, and the rotation of the turbine,grid-connected operation until full load.

This meeting further clarified the key points of the post-project work. The HLC Simulation R&D team listened carefully to the opinions of the experts, and in accordance with the requirements of the meeting, in the later detailed debugging work, in addition to the cold start, the warm start, the heat state start, normal shutdown, emergency shutdown, but also consider the auxiliary operation process such as preheating of steam generation system, fault conditions and how to switch between various operation modes, update system logic and parameters according to project commissioning progress, and constantly improve Optimize system functions.

There is no simulation system for the solar thermal power station currently put into operation in China. HLC has filled this gap with the tower solar thermal simulation system developed by Luneng Haixi Project, providing a training platform for domestically operating tsolar thermal power station operators. Make company simulation technology at the forefront of the industry.

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