Qingdao Yijie Hongli Technology Co., Ltd. provided 4,400 sets of heliostats for the Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complement

Updated:2019-07-29 09:03Source:en.cnste.org
On May 10th, Qingdao Yijie Hongli Technology Co., Ltd. provided 4,400 sets of heliostats for the Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project-50MW Tower Photothermal Power Project according to the contract requirements. The supply of LOC box control system has been completed. This project is the first commercial light and heat project in China that uses LOC box to control hydraulically driven heliostats.
 In recent years, with the continuous development of CSP technology, heliostats are widely accepted in the LOC box control mode, but CSP stations require heliostat local control system equipment with high control precision and strong anti-interference ability. The utility model has the characteristics of long service life, and the site of the project is located in Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai at an altitude of 3,000 meters. It is a typical high temperature, high cold and high altitude zone, and has higher requirements for control equipment. In order to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of the project site, Hongli Technology will carry out the software and hardware testing and performance verification of the overall LOC box produced in the professional organization.In January 2018, HLC organized technical personnel to go to the test site of the foreign thermal professional organization for a three-week heliostat local LOC box control program test. The test results of the LOC box control program were all achieved. Project design indicators.
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