Luneng 50MW Solar Tower project is debugging the mirror control system

On July 1, 2019, in the Luneng 50MW Tower CSP, the debugging of the mirror control system under the responsibility of Qingdao Yijie Hongli Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: HLC) is progressing steadily. A total of 4400 heliostats have been completed, and more than 2,100 faces of heliostats have been commissioned. Luneng 50MW Tower CSP is the first phase demonstration base of multi-energy complementary integration optimization demonstration in Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai Province. Whether the power station can be connected to the grid as scheduled is the focus of domestic light and heat.
In the Luneng 50MW Tower CSP, as the implementation of the whole solar field heliostat LOC box control system equipment supplier and solar field control system debugging - Qingdao Yijie Hongli Technology Co., Ltd., in order to improve the control equipment Quality, speed up the implementation of project commissioning, HLC convened and set up a team of experts. In the project design stage, it is characterized by the harsh operating environment and long service life of the CSP station, as well as the tracking and integration control key technologies.
First of all, in the process of selecting the LOC box equipment, HLC technicians strictly compare and screen multiple brands and manufacturers of the same type of equipment, and conduct software and hardware tests on the selected equipment and the complete set of LOC boxes. Performance verification; In the production process of LOC box, HLC also arranges special professionals to strictly control the quality and speed of its equipment, and conducts test and inspection of the produced LOC boxes one by one before shipment, thus ensuring the equipment. Complete set of quality. In the development process of control system software, in order to ensure the tracking accuracy, safety and solar field scheduling control requirements of heliostat control, HLC relies on the research and experiment of photothermal control technology, as well as advanced technology with domestic and foreign. The exchange and learning of the experienced photothermal company independently completed the development of the heliostat control system software program, and repeated testing and verification of the control program, finally making the heliostat LOC box control program fully meet the project design requirements.
During the implementation of the solar field heliostat debugging, HLC also set up a special commissioning team to pass the on-site construction and construction leadership of the EPC general contractor to debug quality and progress. Communication and communication, HLC has formed a reliable and effective commissioning management system for solar thermal power plants based on the actual on-site debugging experience of the project, which accelerates the debugging progress of the mirror solar field equipment while ensuring the reliable operation of the solar field equipment.
Through the Luneng 50MW Tower CSP solar field control system project, HLC has become one of the core technologies of self-developed photothermal solar energy in China, and can independently complete the design of the specular field control system of the photothermal power station. Equipment selection, complete production and on-site commissioning provide an overall solution for the solar field control system of the tower photothermal power station. 
Finally, I wish Luneng 50MW Tower CSP power station to be connected to the grid for power generation.

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