International Training of Renewable Energy

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01  Background

In order to deepen the cooperation between China and other developing countries in the field of sustainable development and jointly improve the development level of renewable energy technologies in developing countries, International Training of Renewable Energy Practical Technology Course between China and Laos administrated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC, will be organized in Kunming, China, during Jun 24, 2024 and Jul 08, 2024 by Yunnan Normal University (YNNU), and more than 15 trainees from the different developing countries will be invited to attend this training.

The renewable energy industry chain of potovoltaics and biomass energy has become an important development industry in China. This training will carry out corresponding research and exchange, training, technology promotion of renewable energy technology in Kunming, China, and propose targeted solutions around the practical problems of renewable energy utilization technology application in Laos. The implementation of training courses is conducive to improving the level of new solar energy application technology in Laos, alleviating Laos' dependence on fossil energy, reducing pollution to the ecological environment and greenhouse gas emissions, driving local rural development, improving the living environment of the people, and further alleviating the talent cultivation difficulties faced by Laos and other developing countries in the East and South Asia in the field of renewable energy.

YNNU hopes to further enhance the communion and cooperation with other developing countries through the chance of this international training, and work together with them to build a peaceful, friendly and common development future.

02  Enrollment programs, duration,language of instruction

1.Number of enrollment: fifteen

2.Training time: during Jun 24, 2024 and Jul 08, 2024

3. language of instruction: English. 

03  Main Content of  this Training

The training team was organized by YNNU, based on the platforms of School of Energy and Environment Science  (Solar Energy Research Institute). Some famous energy technique experts will be invited to give ectures. The main content of this training including:

1.The applications of solar photovoltaic technology: including theoretical and demonstration of solar photovoltaic power generation and intelligent grid connection, solar street lights, solar photovoltaic pumped storage micro hydropower and agricultural irrigation systems, and solar refrigerators.

2.The applications of solar thermal: theoretical and demonstration of solar drying equipment, solar air conditioning (refrigerator) system, household solar hot water system, hot water air energy+solar hot water system, and building energy conservation;

3.The applications of biomass energy: development and utilization of biomass energy, theoretical and platform experiments and demonstrations of biogas fermentation technology;

4.Energy enterprise product introduction and technical exchange: enterprise product display, analysis of excellent demonstration cases, and technical guidance for the actual needs of energy construction in Laos.

04  DeadlineApril 30, 2024

05  Application Procedure

1.Applicants must log into before Apr 30, 2024 to  fill in the attached registration form for participants following the registration instruction and please return to

2.You will receive a formal invitation letter as soon as your application was confirmed by organizer.

06  Application Requirements

1. Be fluent in English, for that all the courses in the International Training Workshop will be in English.

2. Applicants should engage in the work related to new energy and renewable energy in the government, enterprises, NGO, or other organization.

3. Participants are obliged to obey the relevant laws & regulations in China during the Training

07  Contacts

Corresponding with: Dr. Xu Rui

Phone: 86-871-65517366 

Fax: 86-871-65517366


Address: No.768, Juxian Road, Kunming Chenggong,China .

Post Code:650500

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By: Yunnan Normal  Univeraity School Of Energy And Environment Science (Solar Energy Research Institute)

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