The First Set of Heliostat Was Installed: the CTCG Qinghai Qingyu DC 100MW CSP Project Is on the Fast Track

Updated:2023-11-07 13:34Source:Cosin Solar

On October 17, the first set of heliostats for our CTCG Qinghai Qingyu DC 100MW CSP Project (the “Project”) was successfully assembled and installed on site, marking full commencement of the heliostat field construction. 


As a Project equipped with 23,731 sets of 30㎡heliostat, installation of the first set of heliostat is always one of the key milestones. By planning in advance, in-depth technical communication and careful arrangement of the Project schedule, the Project team secured smooth and efficient installation of the first set of heliostats, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent mass assembly and installation of heliostat. Cosin Solar’ team will continue to work closely with all parties and strive to complete various engineering assignments with high quality in accordance with the contract requirements, to ensure that the project reaches full capacity grid connection on schedule.


The Project, located in the south of Wutu Meiren Solar Power Generation Park, Golmud City, Haixi State, Qinghai Province, has a total installed capacity of 1GW including 900MW PV and 100MW CT CSP. The 100MW CT CSP, with an 12-hour molten salt storage system and a heliostat field of 711,193㎡, will adopt the molten salt tower CSP technology fully developed by Cosin Solar. 

The consortium consisting of PowerChina Northwest Engineering Corporation Ltd. , Cosin Solar Technology Co.,Ltd., and China Three Gorges Renewables (Group) Co., Ltd., is the EPC contractor of the Project. According to the DOR, Cosin Solar will participate in the overall design and project management and be responsible for providing the engineering of the solar block, equipment supply, as well as related commissioning and trial operation advisory services.


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