CGN New Energy (Ali) Co., Ltd 50MW trough solar thermal power project concentrated solar power system bid again

Updated:2023-05-08 18:35Source:CSTA

On April 28, CGN New Energy (Ali) Co., Ltd issued an announcement on its 150 MW snow-covered plateau «Zero-carbon» light-storage thermal power demonstration project (50MW light-heat part) concentrating heat collection system equipment (re-bidding) of CGN New Energy Ngari Xizang.

Project Overview:

The proposed site of the project is about 7 km south of Shiquanhe Town, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, and about 7.5 km away from the central district of the Administration.

The heat collection island adopts the dual molten salt tank type concentrating power generation technology route, the condenser should be preferred to use UT slot, but not limited to UT slot technology. UT slot opening size 7.52m, heat collection area 1720 square meter, a total of 480 collector combinations are designed and installed, divided into 160 heat collection loop, the total heat collection area of the power station is 825,600 square meter. If the bidder adopts other trough technology, the bidder shall design the scheme according to the specifications and parameters of the product, but it shall at least meet the basic requirements of land use and light-collecting heat performance of the project.

In this period, 108 heat collection circuits were first built and put into production, and 324 collector combinations were designed and installed, with a heat collection area of 557,280 square meter. The heat storage island adopts binary molten salt (60% sodium nitrate and 40% potassium nitrate) as the heat transfer and storage medium. A group of molten salt storage tanks is set up, including a cold molten salt tank and a hot molten salt tank. The total heat storage capacity is about 3255.4MWh, and the heat storage duration is about 16h. Molten salt working temperature is 290℃~520℃.

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