A letter to overseas employees

Updated:2020-04-17 15:35Source:ShanghaiElectric

Dear Shanghai Electric employees,

The global spread of COVID-19 has posed a great challenge to public health security around the world, and has had a huge impact on production, demand, and supply. The number of confirmed cases in Europe and the United States has continued to soar in recent days, and the virus has made its way to India, Africa, and other regions. Shanghai Electric’s operations in more than 40 countries and regions are facing severe challenges, and our overseas employees are having to shoulder the difficult and complex responsibilities that come with these trying times.

Since the outbreak, our employees on the frontlines overseas have made every effort to collect and ship personal protective equipment and other resources to help us fight the virus in China. This has helped the company be effective in prevention controls at home. Today, the situation within China is gradually improving, while the situation abroad has worsened significantly. Nevertheless, you have remained at your posts despite numerous difficulties. Shanghai Electric’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant in Sylhet, Bangladesh has begun commercial operations; and construction has resumed at the world's largest 700 MW CSP + 250MW PV Hybrid Project in Dubai, as well as the Thar Integrated Coal Mine-Power Project in Pakistan. Your dedication to these projects has deservedly earned high praise and affirmation. You embody Shanghai Electric’s core values of “Inspired ingenuity, Genuine value, Meaningful partnerships, Powerful solutions”, and you have demonstrated to the world that Chinese manufacturers possess wisdom and the willingness to shoulder responsibility. Here, I represent the Shanghai Electric Group in extending our sincerest appreciation and respect to every one of you.

Even though miles separate us, our employees are always on our minds. Your health and safety are a priority for us. The Group has established an overseas epidemic prevention and control leading group to coordinate the deployment of overseas epidemic prevention work and implement classifications of virus control measures. All companies with overseas businesses have established similar emergency epidemic prevention and control plans to first, ensure smooth transmission of information daily; second, coordinate resources of overseas embassies and consulates; and third, ensure the evacuation of personnel and provision of medical care in extreme situations.

In addition, we are doing everything possible to procure resources including, masks, protective gowns, infrared thermometers, disinfectant, and medicines, and have them delivered to our overseas offices through various channels. You should also take necessary measures to protect yourselves, including abiding and cooperating with local epidemic prevention and control requirements, reasonably scheduling your work and rest periods, keeping yourself in good health, and strengthening your immunity. Your biggest contribution to the company in this current situation is keeping yourself safe and healthy.

We firmly believe that with strong government support and unity amongst Shanghai Electric staff, we will overcome the virus and victories will emerge in this fight. We will get through these difficult times together.


Party Secretary and Chairman,

Shanghai Electric Group

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