Luneng 50MW CSP project started equipments commissioning

Updated:2020-04-03 08:32Source:CSTA
According to the news ofQinghai New Energy Company, Luneng Group, at present, as the main part of the Luneng Haixi Multi-energy Complementary Integrated Optimization Demonstration Project, the 50MW solar tower CSP Project has been basically completed, and equipment commissioning is under way. The project started the construction in March 2018. The progress of the project is as follows:
●The heliostats field: all the columns of heliostat has been installed and 90% of the heliostats have been assembled, 47% of the heliostats have been regulated. The mirror field control system is installed and put into use, the power cable laying and lightning protection grounding construction has been completed.
●The solar tower: 98% of the steel structure installation has been completed, and 80% of the pipeline installation has been completed. Molten salt tanks at the inlet and outlet of the receiver and thetube panels of the receiver have been lifted and adjustment have been completed.
● Air-cooling island part: 100% of control cable laying is completed; 80% of electrical cable laying is completed.
● Molten salt tanks: The main body of the cold and hot salt tanks are installed, and the distribution pipes in the cold salt tank are installed. The water injection test started on June 30. The cold salt pump and the temperature-regulating pump have been installed. The steam generation system has passed all the water pressure tests.
● Other parts: The industrial water system, the waste water system and the air compression system have been commissioned.
As the key project invested by Luneng Group it is located in Haixi ofGolmud city of Qinghai Province, covering an area of about 6,400 mu (about 4.267 square kilometer), using tower-type molten salt CSP technology. The project has 12 hours of heat storage, using high temperature and high pressure reheating condensing steam generator system. The project Engineering Procurement Construction contractor is Speco Ⅲ Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd.

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