Progress of Yumen Xinneng 50MW beam down solar tower system


Yumen Xinneng 50MW CSP plant uses the beam-down molten salt solar tower technology, with the heat storage time of 9 hours, and a design annual utilization time of more than 4,200 hours. A total of 15 mirror field modules will be built.

The project was officially started on June 8, 2017. At present, No. 1 module has been completed and commissioning; the No. 2 module is under construction, with the secondary reflection tower being lifted, and the heliostats about to be completed. Modules 3-10 are undergoing basic civil engineering and steel structure and heliostats installation; the main body of the steam turbine part has been completed, and the main equipment such as steam turbine and generator are being installed and commissioned. The generator is from JPEC.

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