Notice of the1st International Conference on Seasonal Thermal Storage Technology

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The seasonal thermal storage (abbreviation as STS) is a key technology that can promote the use of green heating in the northern buildings and agriculture field with seasonal thermal characteristics, the comprehensive and efficient utilization of solar energy, and residual heat from industry and data centers, and promote the high-proportion of renewable energy utilization and cross-system energy saving, improve the energy efficiency of the system and ensure the energy safety of related industries.

In order to promote the exchanges and cooperation in the fields of seasonal heat storage and clean heating fields in China and the world, establish an international exchanges and agglomeration platform, with the approval by Bureau of International Cooperation Chinese Academy of Sciences, the First International Conference on Seasonal Thermal Storage Technology will be held on Dec 20, 2022, which is hosted by Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Denmark and organized by China Solar Thermal Alliance.

The conference will take academic exchanges and academic cooperation as the core, and communicate the research progress of related theoretical methods, technological innovation breakthroughs, and market solutions around various seasonal thermal storage technology.

Time: 14:30-21:10 (GMT+8), December 20, 2022


Language: Chinese/English

Hosts: Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Denmark

Organizer: China Solar Thermal Alliance (CSTA)

Chairman: Dr. Zhifeng Wang, professor of Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Science, chairman of China Solar Thermal Alliance, former vice chairman of IEA SolarPACES, director of Key Laboratory of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Co-Chairman: Prof. Jianhua Fan, Technical University of Denmark

Secretary-General: A.P.Guofeng Yuan, Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Topics:basic theories, key technologies, system integration and case analysis of various types of long-term heat storage, such as seasonal water body heat storage, soil heat storage and others, which include but not limited to:

1. Seasonal pit thermal energy storage

2. Seasonal borehole thermal energy storage

3. New seasonal thermal energy storage

4. Simulation and optimization of STS

5. Case study of STS project

6. Development trends and international cooperation on STS

Contact information:

Mr. Song Hong, 18311092363,

Attachment: Agenda of the 1stInternational Conferenceon Seasonal Thermal Storage Technology

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Attachment:Notice of the1st International Conference on  Seasonal Thermal Storage Technology

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