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Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Wenbo Huang, president of Shouhang Hi-Tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. Wenbo Huang, graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine majored in TCM, a senior MBA from Tsinghua University, and a professor-level senior engineer of thermal power. Mr. Huang Wenbo is the Chairman of Shouhang High-Tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange), abbreviated as: Shouhang High-Tech (the stock code 002665) and one of the actual controllers. He also is the chairman of Xituo Energy Group. 
He is the Executive Vice Chairman of the National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Vice President of the Equipment Manufacturers Association of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of Shenzhen Silver Lake New Energy Strategic Research Center. 
He has awarded with the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, Tianjin  Labor Day Medal, Tianjin Labor Model, Beijing Daxing "Yi Qilin Leading Talent". He was elected in 2020 as Beijing Daxing "New National Gate"Leading Talent.

Vice Chairman

Mr. Luping Liu, deputy general manager of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd

Mr. Luping Liu, Professor-level senior engineer, deputy general manager of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd and executive deputy director of the National Energy CSP Technology R&D Center, vice chairman of China Solar Thermal Alliance (CSTA), a leading talent of Shenzhen, member of Energy System Committee of China Society of Electrical Engineering, member of expert committee of CSTA. He was appointed as the expert group leader for the project of“performance test and life evaluation of CSP system and its key components”funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). He has successively won one special award and two third prizes of provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress, three first prizes of science and technology award of CGN Group, and more than 20 department and bureau-level science and technology progress awards.

As the convener, Mr. Luping Liu made the“code of solar field performance test for parabolic trough solar thermal power plant”as the IEC international standard. Under his leadership, the group successively completed the technical research and acceptance work of "Parabolic Trough CSP System Test Platform Research and Demonstration" funded by the Hi-tech R&D project of the MOST and the“CSP Technology R&D Capability Construction" project entrusted by National Energy Administration, which has laid the foundation for the follow-up development of the China National Energy CSP Technology R&D Center .

He has been engaging in the field of CSP scientific research and technology for a long time. In 2016, he took the lead in responsible for the implementation of “CSP Technology R&D Capability Construction" project within the energy independent innovation plan and got a major technical breakthrough. He was in charge of the CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP project, provided the technical guidance for the whole process from design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and promoted the project to be the first one on the grid among the first batch of CSP demonstration projects on June 30, 2018,and made China to become the eighth country in the world that has the large-scale commercial CSP plant. Through a series of technical research and demonstration verification, the team led by Mr. Luping Liu solved a number of technical problems faced by Chinese project in the alpine environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and basically mastered the key core technologies for the construction of large-scale parabolic trough CSP stations in China, which has made important contributions to China's CSP development and the realization of energy transformation.

Prof. Gang Xiao, deputy dean of school of energy engineering, Zhejiang University

Prof. Gang Xiao is the Vice Dean of School of Energy Engineeringat Zhejiang University, theVice Chairman of China Solar Thermal Allianceand the subject editor ofApplied Thermal Engineering (IF 5.295). Prof.Xiao has been engaged in teaching and scientific research on solar thermal power generationfor more than 10 years, including high-temperature thermal chemical heat storage, Brayton cycle and integrated energy system. Hehas developed a MWthsolar tower demonstration platform in Hangzhou City forresearch and teaching.
Prof.Xiao is/wasawardedan Outstanding Youth Fund of Zhejiang Province, 5 National Natural Science Foundations,aNational Key R & D Plan project and etc. As the first inventor, he has 6 American patents, 3 Japanese patents, 45 Chinese patents and 11 software copyright.He has published more than 100 papers asthe first/corresponding author and edited a textbook of 'Solar Energy', whichwas adopted by more than 40 universities and enterprises and won the prize of high-quality textbook for energy and power majors in China Electric Power Education Association.Prof. Xiaoisalso one of the main drafters in formulating two national standards of 'Technical Requirements for Absorbers in Tower Solar Thermal Power Plants' and 'Detection Methods for Absorbers in Tower Solar Thermal Power Plants'.
Prof. Xiao has won aScience and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, an Excellent Youth Science and Technology Talent Awardof the China Renewable Energy Society, and an Excellent Youth Talent Award of the China Electric Power Science and Technology. 

Dr. Xiaohui Zhao, general manager of the new energy engineering company of Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., ltd. (NWEPDI) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group

Dr. Xiaohui Zhao,  Zhejiang University School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Engineering Thermophysics Doctoral Candidate (Direct PhD)
Work Administrative position:
Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., LTD., of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, General manager of New Energy Engineering Company.
Academic Community Positions:
Member of National Technical Committee on Solar Thermal Power Generation of Standardization Administration;
Member of Solar Thermal Power Generation Committee, Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering;
Vice president of the fifth National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.
Major Research Direction:
Engaged in engineering design and research related to integrated design of solar thermal power generation system with large capacity heat storage;
Has extensive research on the engineering applications of various heat storage technologies;
Has participated in a number of domestic and foreign thermal storage solar thermal power generation engineering design.
Projects involved:
◐ Participated in the design of Badaling Solar thermal power station of Electrical Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first megawatt solar thermal power station in Asia;
◐ Participated in the project design of The first commercial solar thermal power station in Asia: Central Control Solar Delingha 10MW tower solar thermal power station;
Participated in the engineering design of Nooro III 150MWTower CSP plant in Morocco;
◐ Completed the main heat collection and storage process (construction drawing stage) and equipment technical parameters determination of Hami 50MW tower solar thermal power station of CPECC.
Honors and Awards:
◐ Top ten Science and Technology Innovation Star of The Group, China Power Engineering Consulting Group, in 2017;
◐ Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Talents of China Electric Power, Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, China Electric Power Science and Technology Award Committee; in 2019;
◐ Group company young expert, China Power Engineering Consulting Group, in 2015;
◐ 2020 Engineering technical Expert of China Energy Construction Co., LTD;
◐ Projects involved have been awarded the first and second prizes of Excellent Engineering design by China Electric Power Planning and Design Association for many times;
◐ Selected as the company's outstanding employee and outstanding Party member for many times.

Mrs. Jianyu Kou, general manager of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute

Mrs. Jianyu Kou is currently the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, general manager and director of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. She is titled as “Electric Power Survey & Design Master”, “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Grassland Elite” and “Expert with Outstanding Contributions”.She has been devoted herself to the design and consulting of thermal power and new energy power generation projects for 29 years. She has been taking charge of design works of thermal power and new energy power generation projects. The designs are highly innovative, with great difficulty and landmark works. The technical level has reached the domestic advanced level of similar projects in the same period. She has won 2 national high-quality engineering awards, 2 first prizes for excellent engineering consulting achievements in the power industry and 3 first prizes for excellent engineering design in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.She has solid professional theoretical knowledge and rich engineering practice experiences. She has made outstanding achievements in the field of power design and enjoys a high reputation in the industry, with major breakthroughs in the field of energy saving and new energy utilization.With outstanding technological innovation ability, she has gained more than ten research achievements.She once served as the sub-project leader of the national key R & D program (soft science topic).She has been participated in the preparation of 4 IEC international standards, more than 10 national standards and 3 sector standards.She has served as the review expert of national and sector standards for many times. With high attainments in engineering design theory, she has published more than 10 professional papers, and many of them have won the first and second prizes of excellent papers in the autonomous region and electric power industry. She has outstanding research results as well as a number of intellectual property rights.

Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is the only one national class-A electric power survey and design enterprise in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has 15 national qualification certificates, including national comprehensive class-A engineering survey qualification, class-A engineering design qualification in power industry (corresponding to Grade I General contracting qualification) and credit rating of class -A engineering consulting company. The company has more than 60 years of survey, design and quality management experiences, with focus on "condensing wisdom and creating high-quality products".Based on the energy and electric power industry, the company will implement the national high-quality development strategy, provide services to the development of clean energy, give full play to the technical advantages in power generation, power transmission and transformation projects, new energy projects, municipal heating and construction projects, constantly improve and consolidate its position in the power industry, strive to solve major technical problems, and provide customers with excellent product quality and high-quality technical services tocarry forward the brand characteristics of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design InstituteCo., Ltd.

Dr. Dongqiang Lei, deputy director of solar thermal utilization research department of  Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Dongqiang Lei, Researcher, Deputy Director of Solar Thermal Utilization Technology Research Department, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; member of Solar Thermal Power Professional Committee of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, visiting scholar of Solar Energy Advanced Technology Research Center of University of California.
Since 2006, Dr. Lei has entered the solar thermal power industry, and is currently mainly engaged in high-efficiency solar concentrating heat collector technology, Parabolic trough receiver and its performance test technology, power generation evaluation and prediction technology of CSP, solar cross-season heat storage and heating technology, solar biomass hydrogen production technology, etc.He has undertaken nearly 20 national, Chinese Academy of Sciences, local government and enterprise horizontal projects, published more than 40 papers, and authorized more than 10 invention patents.He edited 2 group standards and 1 industry standard, and participated in the preparation of 1 IEC standard and the Blue Book on China's CSP and Heating Industry in 2019 and 2020.
For five years, he has presided over the training course of "Solar Thermal Utilization Technology" of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Personnel Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and trained more than 100 personnel and more than 400 technicians from enterprises, governments and scientific research institutions.Presided over the 2021 Line Focus on Solar and Thermal Power Generation Technology Forum, the Energy Forum of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, and hosted the sub-forums of the solar and thermal power Generation Conference for many times.

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